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Unlike any other facial, live stem cells are used to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it more hydrated, better nourished, less aged, and more radiant. This facial is beneficial for rosacea-dry skin conditions and complements all non-surgical, surgical, and radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It balances oily needs, diminishes large pores, and also refines uneven skin textures and scarring. Stem cells last roughly five days after facial treatment to help maintain skin’s nourishment and radiance.

Gently pumps oxygen into the skin with an infusion of vitamins to encourage the growth of new cells as well as collagen. This treatment may also rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and other toxins that starve cells of their oxygen. This treatment has even been used to get rid of acne scars and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

The Four Layer Facial is a relaxing facial experience, where you will have layer upon layer of a detoxifying clay, penetrating and extracting your skin, leaving your pores rejuvenated and firm. Two massages are then implemented, which will soothe the face, neck, and shoulders. Enjoy a cool pure energy facial mask, followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask that allows for total penetration of the layers. You will receive immediate results and healthier-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and afterglow that lasts. Skin is cleaner, toned, healthier, and more radiant than ever.

A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth, soften, and stimulate cellular renewal.

Using real 24kt gold, this treatment is excellent for tightening and firming the skin by slowing down collagen depletion and elastin breakdown, making skin look younger, smoother, and more youthful.

Using real crushed diamonds, this facial improves skin’s metabolism, helps in the absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies the skin. It also helps enhance elasticity, plumps the skin’s appearance, and seals in rich minerals and nutrients, offering an instant glow and polish to the skin.

A non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure, which gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells. It also stimulates collagen growth to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. Fine lines, blemishes, dull skin, and sunspots can be improved, especially with regular treatments.

As one of the most invigorating treatments that we offer, this facial is ideal for rosacea-prone or sun-damaged skin. Using warm honey for calming the redness in skin appearance, the treatment gently exfoliates any impurities, as it simultaneously fights fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin renewed and radiant.

Effective treatment for broken capillaries, dryness, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, and elasticity. It is one of the essential antioxidants for the skin and is useful in limiting the damage caused by adverse environmental conditions. Crucial to collagen production, it also reduces brown coloration of the skin, prevents the formation of freckles, birthmarks, and senile keratosis, and can be used with good effect to lighten dark skin or areas of dark skin.

A thorough and in-depth cleansing treatment for the face. It is essential, uncomplicated, and customized, meant to improve the look, feel, and health of the skin.

Whether you suffer from oily skin to dry skin, need extractions, or simply want to prevent future acne breakouts, this treatment allows our Skin Therapists to take control and take care of all your skin’s concerns or needs.

The skin is gently exfoliated to loosen dry surface cells to prepare the skin for a deep pore cleansing. Steam is also included to soften the pores, which will allow for manual extractions done safely so as not to harm the integrity of the skin. A customized mask or serum appropriate for the skin type is then applied, and the facial is finished with an oil-free lotion or hydrating cream.

This facial is a quick way to deeply cleanse your skin that includes an exfoliation and a soothing, moisturizing treatment.

In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes it to peel off eventually. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels are performed on the face, neck, or and can be used to reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth, treat wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging, and hereditary factors. It improves the appearance of mild scarring, treats certain types of acne, reduces age spots, freckles, and dark patches due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills, also improving the look and feel of skin that is dull in texture and color.

A treatment that delivers safe, painless, low-level electrical impulses to strategic locations under the skin to firm and tone the facial muscles on both an immediate and long-term basis. The technology simultaneously repairs collagen in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin), while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (the top layer of skin).

Blue Diamond Skin Care Services

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